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Cervical Spine Surgery

Cervical Spine Surgery


Cervical spinal fusion (arthrodesis) is a surgical operation that joins selected bones in the neck (cervical spine). There are distinctive methods of doing a cervical spinal fusion: Bone can be taken from someplace else for your frame or received from a bone financial institution (a bone graft). The bone is used to make a bridge among vertebrae that are next to every different (adjoining). This bone graft stimulates the growth of the latest bone. Man-made (artificial) fusion substances can also be used. Anil Neuro & Trauma Centre has skilled and qualified neurosurgeons in Vijayawada who will do cervical spine surgery treatment in Vijayawada. Our hospital is established with the latest equipment.

  • Metal implants can be used to maintain the vertebrae collectively until new bone grows among them.

  • Metal plates may be screwed into the bone, joining adjacent vertebrae.

  • A whole vertebra may be removed, and the backbone then fused.

  • A spinal disc can be eliminated and the adjoining vertebrae fused.

  • This procedure can be carried out via an incision on the front (anterior) or back (posterior) of the neck.


What Are The Reasons For Cervical Spine Surgery?


Cervical backbone surgical operation can be indicated for a ramification of spinal neck problems. Generally, surgical treatment can be accomplished for degenerative issues, trauma, or instability. These situations might also produce strain on the spinal cord or on the nerves coming from the spine.

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