Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement is the elimination and replacement of portions of the pelvis and femur (thighbone) that shape your hip joint. It is performed ordinarily to relieve hip pain and stiffness because of hip arthritis. This procedure is also used to deal with injuries which includes a broken or improperly developing hip, and for other situations. Anil Neuro & Trauma Center in Vijayawada has expanded orthopaedic doctors in Vijayawada has affords the experienced joint replacement surgeons who perform the best hip replacement procedure.

When should i need a hip replacement?

If you have got these arthritis signs, you should forget to undergo a hip replacement:

  • Excessive hip pain that isn't always relieved by means of medication and that interferes along with your work, sleep or everyday activity.
  • Hip stiffness that restricts movement and makes it hard to walk.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint. The ball, at the top of your femur (thighbone) is referred to as the femoral head. The socket, referred to as the acetabulum, which is a part of your pelvis. The ball movements within the socket, allowing your leg to rotate and move ahead. In a strong healthy hip, soft tissue called cartilage covers the ball and the socket to help them float together easily. If this cartilage wears down or gets damaged, the bones scrape together and turn out to be difficult. This condition, called osteoarthritis, reasons for pain and restricts movement. An arthritic hip could make it painful for you to walk or even to get in or out of a chair. If you've got been diagnosed with hip arthritis, you may not need surgery. Non steroidal anti-inflammatory capsules /or physical therapy might also provide relief. But, if these efforts do no longer relieve signs and symptoms, you should consult a best hip replacement doctors for the hip replacement surgery.

The three main kinds of hip replacement are:

  • Total hip replacement.
  • Partial hip replacement.
  • Hip resurfacing.

The major common form of hip replacement surgical procedure is referred to as a total hip replacement (also called total hip arthroplasty). In this surgical procedure, worn-out or damaged sections of your hip are changed with artificial implants. The socket is changed with a durable plastic cup, which may or may not also include a titanium metal shell. Your femoral head might be removed and changed with a ball crafted from ceramic or a steel alloy. The new ball is hooked up to a metallic stem this is inserted into the top of your femur.

After the hip replacement treatment procedure patients will be able to do all their normal daily activities excluding some difficult tasks to which can again damage the replaced hip.

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