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Lumbar Spine Surgeon

Lumbar Spine Surgeon


Some people who undergo lumbar surgery experience good to excellent results following the operation. Some people experience significant relief of pain and the return of good functional movement and strength, enabling them to walk, sit, drive a car, and cope with the activities of daily life more easily. Anil Neuro & Trauma Centre has skilled and qualified neurosurgeons who will do lumbar spine surgery treatment in Vijayawada. Our hospital is established with the latest equipment. We are the top neurosurgery hospital in Vijayawada

The surgical procedure for lumbar surgery can last from one to eight hours. Spine fusions tend to last much longer than simple discectomies. Some patients report improvements in the way they feel immediately after they awake from the surgery. However, strengthening the weakened muscles and soft tissue surrounding and supporting the trunk requires a longer-term program of exercise and therapy.


Although many patients see and feel immediate benefits, they need the benefits of a comprehensive rehabilitation program for several months to get the total benefit.

Anil Neuro & Trauma Center has highly experienced neurosurgery doctors who are providing the best treatment for Brain Tumor in Vijayawada

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