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Parkinsons & Botox Injection Therapy

Parkinson's & Botox Injection


Parkinson’s sickness (PD) is a degenerative ailment of the anxious device that reasons impaired or involuntary movements and might affect conduct, temper, and other non-motor capabilities of the body. PD is a progressive disease that means it worsens over the years. Diagnosis normally takes place after age fifty-five, even though early onset at a younger age is likewise viable. get the best treatment for Parkinson's disease from our best hospital for Parkinson disease in Vijayawada, Anil neuro and trauma center which also provide the best doctor for Parkinson's disorder in Vijayawada.

Parkinson's ailment is resulting from the progressive lack of a certain form of neuron cells in the mind. This results in a shortage of the chemical messenger known as dopamine, that's critical for controlling the body’s motor capabilities.

Symptoms Of Parkinson's Disease

  • Tremors, most normally beginning inside the palms however can also arise within the tongue, jaw, and legs

  • Stiff or inflexible muscle tissue (spasticity)

  • Slow movement (bradykinesia)

  • Decreased vocal volume

  • Lack of facial expression

  • Abnormally small handwriting (micrographia)

  • Shuffling gait (an impaired stroll, as if the toes are stuck to the ground)

  • Decreased arm motion while strolling

  • Difficulty with balance, posture, or gait, which may bring about falls


PD signs can regularly be controlled with medication alone, or with an aggregate of medication and surgical intervention, which includes deep mind stimulation (DBS), for sufferers who meet positive standards. The volume to which signs and symptoms may be decreased relies upon each patient’s man or woman instances.

Botulinum toxin, commonly known as Botox, is FDA-approved to treat symptoms of dystonia, which involves frequent, intermittent muscle contractions that can cause repetitive, uncontrollable gestures, and other movement disorders. The neurotoxins in Botox prevent symptoms by blocking the chemical acetylcholine in muscles. Our physicians have extensive experience with the effective use of Botox injections to significantly reduce symptoms of dystonia, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, muscle spasms, muscle stiffness (spasticity), and pain.

Dr. Anil Kumar Devanaboina is an experienced Neurologist in Vijayawada providing General Neurology Treatment in Vijayawada

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