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Neurology Disorders & Treatments

Updated: May 23

It is important to be fit and healthy in order to enjoy life as much as you can. With age and other factors such as lifestyle habits and sometimes even genetics, people go through a lot of discomfort. It is to be understood that neurology treatment in Vijayawada is not restricted to consultation only. They also have proper rehabilitation facilities for the patients who may not require surgery but constant care and monitoring to ensure that their body or mind is able to restore it. Such patients can be treated with mere medication and therapy helping them to prevent further deterioration of the condition to have the best Neurology in Vijayawada.

A visit to the neurologist

Often you will notice that people suffer from pain and discomfort for years and never visit a specialist. Instead the local doctor is often consulted. This is mostly due to the ignorance of what a neurologist can treat you for. Neurology hospitals in Vijayawada tend to treat ailments such as those affecting the spinal cord of the human body or the associated central and peripheral nervous system and the brain. Therefore cerebrovascular diseases such as brain stroke or demyelinating diseases such as the multiple sclerosis, all can be treated by the a neurologist near you. This means that neurology doctors in Vijayawada can help you in the treatment of

  • Complete or partial paralysis

  • Weakness in the muscle

  • Loss of sensation – partial or complete

  • Difficulty in either reading or writing

  • Seizures, which can be cured by epilepsy treatment in Vijayawada

  • Affected cognitive (learning abilities)

  • Decreased alertness

  • Unexplained pain in the body

Also treatment can be obtained for people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s or brain stroke treatment in Vijayawada. These diseases tend to affect the memory of the person rendering him/her ineffective in performing the routine activities of the daily life. Sometimes, we feel sudden dizziness or spinning in the head which can be caused by moving your head quickly, this is termed as Vertigo, and you can get the best vertigo treatment in Vijayawada. Sleep is an extremely important activity in life and not having enough of it can be the root cause of multiple issues, therefore it’s very important to get the best treatment for sleeping disorder in Vijayawada.

Pain and neurologist

Yes, every pain is different and so is every patient. Neurology doctors in Vijayawada are well equipped to understand the difference and treat the patient accordingly. Be it headache or back or neck pain or ever spinal disorder, which is extremely dangerous and getting the spinal disorder treatment in Vijayawada is compulsory. These doctors are specialized and well trained to discover the true causes of the symptoms of the problem mentioned by the patient. They then perform EMG testing to assess the extent of injury and damage to the nerves. The reversibility of the damage done is also an option that needs to be tested in order to prescribe the next course of action to the patient. There are inexplicable pains in the body, numbness in a certain part of the body, problems with bladder or bowel control or they may lose cognizance of their surroundings etc, it is then necessary to visit a neurologist in Vijayawada. While common ailments such as a mild headache due to stress can be cured at home, persistent ones such as the ones due to migraine or any other internal injury can be damaging to the brain at an advanced stage and it’s necessary to make a visit to headache specialist in Vijayawada. It is important to treat your heath seriously.

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