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Stereotactic Brain Surgery

Stereotactic Brain Surgery


A stereotactic brain surgical treatment is a surgical treatment in which a lesion, often a brain tumor, is eliminated with the assistance of image guidance, this is formerly acquired photos (typically an MRI) are used to manual the medical professional to the exact location of the lesion to facilitate as accurate a pathway through the brain and secure elimination of as much abnormal tissue as feasible at the same time as leaving normal, healthful brain relatively intact. Stereotactic brain surgery is one of the surgical procedures where frequently a brain tumor it is removed with the assistance of an image provided with an MRI. We have a specialized and experienced Neurosurgeon in Vijayawada who will do the best treatment for stereotactic brain surgery in Vijayawada.

The goal of this kind of surgery is typically to remove an abnormality seen on an MRI or CT scan. Because MRI and CT scans are very good at showing parts of the brain that are abnormal, they can assist us in surgery on the brain to identify the safest way to traverse surrounding brain and remove as much abnormal tissue as possible while minimizing the disruption of surrounding normal healthy tissue.

The biggest risk is bleeding in the tumor and brain from the surgery. Bleeding can cause anything from a mild headache up to a stroke, coma, or even death. The risk of bleeding following surgery is around 5% and the risk of mortality is around 1%. Additional risks can include headaches from the surgical site, infection, and seizures. Additional risks can be posed by the anesthesia itself. To minimize risk, we ensure that a patient’s medical condition is optimized before beginning surgery, use intraoperative antibiotics, stop all blood thinners including aspirin before surgery, and keep everyone overnight in the hospital for observation at the completion of surgery.

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