The human body is made up of numerous bones, joints, ligaments and tendons which together hold the entire musculoskeletal system and also protects our organs from direct impact and exposure. Our each movement is a result of coordination and work of the bones and muscles. Around 20% of our body’s weight is of our bones. Throughout our life, we tend to face many issues related to our bones right from our childhood. Sprains, strains, fractures are few of the most common injuries that kids encounter. However, knowing how strong our bones are, they need proper rest, treatment and medication to get back to their previous form. Any ignorance or misguidance could lead to a severe damage which cannot be reversed back. The way we walk, sit, stand or sleep, everything we do impacts our bone framework.

Sometimes, unknowingly we encounter certain situations like accidents or falls which cause sudden and severe bone damage. Immediate treatment by best orthopedic doctors in Vijayawada is a must in these situations which helps resolve the damage quickly if possible. Orthopedic injuries are some of the most common issues encountered by athletes or sports persons. Be it a sprain or ligament tear like ACL/PCL injury or bone breaks, recovering from the injury and getting back to their previous level of mobility is very important for their careers, and that’s where best orthopaedic doctors in Vijayawada come to the rescue.

Overall health of bones can be improved by taking in certain dietary nutrients like calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium which are key to bone health. Orthopedician in Vijayawada suggests that at every stage of life, preserving our bone strength is a must. As we age, our bones tend to lose their strength; some also begin to suffer from osteoporosis, a condition which makes the bones weak and brittle. Even men are susceptible to this issue. Overall lifestyle choices like smoking and alcohol use or physical activity play a key role in determining the impact of osteoporosis in the body.

Fast track joint replacement is the new buzz in town, with technology advances, complex procedures like joint replacement have become so convenient and effective along with added benefits like shorter hospital stays and less post op pain, the recovery period is a lot easier and comfortable than before. Also, this is less risky for patients who are higher in the age group or have co-morbidities like diabetes and hypertension.

Certain common old age problems include arthritis; this condition affects the joints and connecting tissues in the body which in turn causes pain, swelling and restricts movement. When arthritis gets in the way of daily activities, it’s better to consult best orthopedic surgeon in Vijayawada for treatment options. Another procedure that is taking the limelight in the world of orthopaedic surgery is Arthroscopy; this minimally invasive procedure can efficiently diagnose and treat issues within a joint. An arthroscope is inserted into the joint by orthopedic doctors in Vijayawada to visualise the condition inside on a screen, once the diagnosis of a problem is done, its treatment can be done right away if it’s under the permissible scope of arthroscopy. The cutting edge process has drastically decreased incision and as a result has also decreased the surgical complications that come with a typical surgery. It’s reassuring to know that if something goes wrong, we have the best orthopedician in Vijayawada to treat and care for our health. Staying healthy is the goal.

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