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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury


A trauma patient is someone who has suffered a serious or life-threatening injury as a result of an event such as a car accident, gunshot wound, or fall. Traumatic injuries may affect many parts of the body, including the brain, the extremities, and internal organs. The severity of injuries can range from minor to life-threatening. Trauma obviously affects the patient physically, but it can have lasting effects on the patient and those close to the patient emotionally. Therefore it is good to be able to receive prompt and thorough care after suffering any type of severe and life-threatening injury. We have well-experienced and top neurosurgeons in Vijayawada working at Anil Neuro & Trauma Centre. We will do Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment in Vijayawada with care.

Traumatic injury is resulting from numerous forces from outside of the body that can both be blunt or penetrating (sharp). Blunt trauma includes falls, road traffic crashes; weight accidents, assaults (punches, kicks), and burns. Penetrating trauma includes taking pictures, stabbing or falling onto a pointy object (referred to as impalement).

Severity Of Injury

Injury may be highly minor, along with cut down of a finger while commencing a steel can or breaking a bone during a wearing event. Whilst these may be painful or uncomfortable, the person will normally be able to continue to be at domestic once the damage is handled via specialists or the emergency department.

However, a stressful injury may be greater extreme, requiring admission to a sanatorium for assessment, remedy, and rehabilitation. The complete volume of injuries isn't usually apparent when an affected person first arrives at the medical institution, and they will require an in-intensity exam and a couple of tests (which include scans and x-rays) or operations within the first few days.


The severity of the injury has calculated by the use of a scoring system – the damage severity rating (known as ISS). This score is calculated retrospectively as soon as all injuries have been diagnosed. Some patients with excessive accidents might also require intensive care or specialist remedies.

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