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Endoscopic Neurosurgery

Endoscopic Neurosurgery


Endoscopy is the method of the use of a tube with a lens and a mild source to inspect a frame cavity via a small beginning. An endoscope is like a small cam that looks at every problem. The endoscope has a mild source and is attached to a display. The surgical procedure is carried out while looking on the screen and the actual goal length is magnified greater than one hundred instances. This approach parallels the improvement from open abdominal surgery to laparoscopic surgical treatment. The purpose is to get to the goal pathology or problem even as minimizing the trauma to the surrounding tissues. This method may be used to deal with both brain and spine disorders in neurosurgery. Endoscopic brain surgery is mainly used for brain tumors and is considered brain surgery. Our experienced neurosurgeon in Vijayawada will identify and treat conditions that are deep within the brain.

What Is Endoscopic Brain Surgery?

Endoscopic brain surgical operation is a process used in general to deal with brain tumors. It is considered a minimally invasive mind surgical treatment that allows neurosurgeons to pick out and treat situations that can be deep in the brain.

During this method, thin tubing that transmits video photographs of the mind is inserted thru one or small incisions in the cranium or via a gap inside the body. This tube-like instrument, referred to as an endoscope, includes a small cam that lets the neurosurgeon peer precise photographs of the hassle area within the mind.


“Endoscopic procedures have clearly converted how we deal with tumors, especially because endoscopic techniques supply us any such clean visualization of the tumor,” “This method additionally does no longer constantly require us to get right of entry to the brain through the cranium. We’re capable of accessing the mind via pathways like the nostril and sinuses as properly.”

The neurosurgeon will use the photos transmitted by the endoscope as a manual for doing away with the tumor or repairing the affected vicinity of the patient’s mind. The removal of the tumor or broken location is completed with specialized surgical devices.

Anil Neuro & Trauma Centre is providing Malignant Brain Tumor Treatment in Vijayawada

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